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Heng-chain sorter

Name: Patent Hengchain sorter

Model: 600

Specification of carrier: 600 * 720mm

Parcel Weight Range: 0.01kg-10kg

Maximum item dimension: Diagonal < 560mm

Minimum item dimension: 100 (L) x 50 (W) x 3 (H) mm

Sorting Capacity: 2400-3000 pcs / hour

Handling item type: Express (document bag), small package, small bag, clothing, etc

Application Industry: Express, e-commerce, logistics, medicine, books, tobacco, shoes, cosmetics, mother and baby, etc

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Product introduction

The Heng-chain sorter adopts the modular design in the overall structure, and uses four sorting carriers as a basic unit to gradually extend to form a complete sorting line. You can increase or decrease the chutes of the sorting line at any time according to actual needs. No restrictions on site requirements, and it can be flexibly configured according to site conditions, easy exchange .and truly maintenance-free functions.

Product features

01.Fast delivery and low cost

02.Zero error, maintenance free

03.Automatic sorting, automatic bag collection

04.Fast module design and installation

05.Capacity expansion at any time, flexible site

06.Easy to use and maintain

Product Application industry
  • Courier

  • electricity

  • tobacco

  • medicine

  • The book

  • clothing

  • food

  • cosmetics

Product application mode display
Comparison of intelligent sorting and manual sorting


1. Product model: 600 model

2. Passing efficiency: 0.55s/carrier

3. Sorting capacity: 2400-3000 pieces / hour

4. Specification of carrier: 600 * 720

5. Parcel weight range: 0.02kg-10kg

6. Maximum parcel dimension: beveled edge < 560mm

7. Minimum parcel dimension: 100 (L) x 50 (W) x 3 (H) mm

8. Chutes width: 600mm

9. Height of machine: 1.2M

10. Supply mode: semi-automatic

11. Main driving mode: 220VAC AC power supply

12. Operating noise : < 70 dB (a)

13. Speed distribution of infeed table: according to the different condition

14. Recognition efficiency of infeed table: 0.5s

15. Weighing method: static / dynamic

16. Main loop running direction: unidirectional

17. Equipment height: 1.2m / 1.7m

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