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Wave sorter

Name: Wave sorter

Carrier unit specifications: 450*700mm

Parcel weight Range: 0.01kg~10kg

Maximum Package size  : hypotenuse <420mm

Minimum  Package size : 100(L) x 50(W) x 3(H) mm

Sorting Capacity: 2500~4000 pcs/hour

Types of items handled: express mail (document bag), small parcel shipment, pouch, clothing, etc.

Application industries: express delivery, e-commerce, logistics, medicine, books, tobacco, clothing and shoes, cosmetics, mother and baby, etc.

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Product introduction

The wave sorter is a set of automatic sorting equipment independently developed by Hengchain Technology. It breaks through the limitations of traditional linear sorting equipment that is difficult to disassemble, structure complex and low carrier utilization. Hengchain Technology proposes a new design concept puts the chutes at the bottom of the sorting line, which greatly reduces the equipment area. At the same time, it is upgraded to a higher level in modular design. Take each chutes as a unit. It can be installed and disassembled as a whole, and the transportation is more flexible. It is more efficient in sorting, more intelligent in control, and easier, more convenient when loading packages. And with its efficient, intelligent, convenient, and flexible sorting method, it has been widely recognized by the logistics industry, and the market prospect is broader.


1. Dynamic code scanning, efficient sorting;

2. Reduce costs and increase efficiency to meet diverse needs;

3. Convenient operation, "Grandpa and Auntie" can also use it;

4. Fast maintenance, 5 minutes disassembly and quick maintenance;

5. Flexible configuration, extend the sorting line at any time.

Product Application industry
  • Courier

  • electricity

  • tobacco

  • medicine

  • The book

  • clothing

  • food

  • cosmetics

Product application mode display
Comparison of intelligent sorting and manual sorting


Running speed: 1.8~2.2m/s

Sorting capacity: 2500~4000 votes/hour

Carrrier size: 450×700mm

Unit effective load: 0.01kg~10kg

The maximum package size: hypotenuse≦420mm

The minimum package size: 100(L)×50(W)×3(H)

Chutes width: 450mm

Level difference: 100mm

Feeding method: dynamic loading

Main line drive form: 220VAC AC power supply

Scan code method: dynamic

Weighing method: dynamic

Equipment height: customized

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