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A delegation from Hangzhou Institute of Industry and Information Technology visited Henglian Technology



On January 14, the delegation of Hangzhou Institute of Industry and Information Technology (Hangzhou Institute of Industry and Information Technology), accompanied by the leaders of the park, visited Henglian Technology. Mr. Huang Juxin, chairman of Henglian Technology, accompanied the visit.


Henglian Technology is a high-tech enterprise and a professional R&D and manufacturer of smart logistics equipment. The main function of Hangzhou Institute of Industry and Information Technology is to conduct in-depth investigations and studies on the living environment, operating conditions, and development status of small and medium-sized enterprises, and to launch ground-based research reports. During this visit, the delegation had heard a little about Henglian Technology's achievements in the smart logistics industry, and came to visit and inspect. They walked into Henglian Technology's office area, product exhibition hall and other places, had in-depth exchanges with Chairman Huang Juxin, and listened carefully to the basic conditions of Henglian Technology's development history, technology research and development and future planning.


After learning that Henglian Technology had obtained more than 30 invention patents and software copyrights, and 2 patented products just two years after its establishment, the members of the inspection group became keenly interested and spoke highly of the company’s achievements in recent years. The technical level of related scientific research results, production and sales, and user experience were exchanged enthusiastically. They believe that Henglian Technology has excellent product quality, good market prospects and broad development prospects in the industry.

The delegation hopes to continue to strengthen communication and exchanges, further improve core competitiveness and market development level, and help high-quality regional economic development.

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