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Henglian Technology Logistics Conveyor Sorter Helps Business Upgrade and Transformation



With the rapid growth of business volume, the pressure on the daily processing volume of the express delivery center of the express delivery company is increasing, and moving "home" once in a few years has become the norm. How to upgrade and transform after relocation? Henglian Technology, a manufacturer of automated sorting equipment, gave a professional reference answer.

Heng Lian Ke Heng Lian Technology is a high-tech enterprise, long-term deep cultivation of logistics and transportation sorting technology, independent research and development and manufacturing of automated sorting equipment adopts modular design, disassembly and assembly is very convenient, can well cope with the "big Mac" Relocation and upgrading.

It is worth noting that, relying on hardware facilities and technical advantages, Henglian Technology upgraded the cross-belt to an upper and lower two-story building through upgrading and transformation, and the grid has doubled. This will help express delivery outlets to improve their timeliness and quality, and at the same time reduce operating costs such as venues for users to achieve the goal of cost reduction and empowerment.

The picture shows the double-layer cross belt sorter developed and upgraded by Henglian Technology. The size of the trolley and the size of the grid can be customized according to the actual needs of customers.

After reading the automatic sorter of Henglian Technology, if you have any questions, please call Henglian Technology 400-837-0019

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