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Henglian technology automated sorter, the most cost-effective and efficient


At the Hannover Guangzhou Logistics Exhibition in July last year, Henglian Technology, a research and development manufacturer of automated sorting equipment, introduced high-performance wave sorters to the global market, which attracted great attention.

According to reports, compared to the existing sorters on the market, the wave sorter has simpler control and higher picking efficiency; at the same time, the equipment adopts a standard modular design, and the number of grids can be customized according to needs. The lead time is very short. It is worth mentioning that the maintenance cost is half of the traditional cross-belt sorter, the disassembly and assembly are also very convenient, and it can meet the rapid sorting of bulk items... This has become the core competitiveness of the wave sorter.

Thanks to the design concept of mechanical transmission, the wave sorter has not only carried out a number of load and durability tests at the Henglian Technology Test Center, but also has been used in the sorting line of some customers for nearly a year. Superior sorting efficiency, flexibility and other performances inject new high-efficiency and economic momentum for users in the fields of e-commerce, logistics, express delivery, shoes and clothing.

Application scope and main parameters:

It is suitable for logistics centers in tobacco, e-commerce, fast-moving consumer goods, and pharmaceutical industries.

Maximum operating speed of main line: 2m/s

Unit effective load: 20kg

Maximum processing efficiency: 4000pcs/h

Equipment height: customizable

Package form: dynamic

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