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The delivery ceremony of Henglian Technology smart equipment of Yuantong Huayang Branch in Chengdu, Sichuan Province



Taking advantage of all directions, should be expected. On October 30, the delivery ceremony of Hengchain Technology's intelligent equipment of Yuantong Huayang Branch in Chengdu, Sichuan Province was held. Zhu Ruiqi from Sichuan Province, Yu Wei, head of Huayang branch, Yang Yong, sales manager of Henglian Technology, all employees of Huayang branch and staff of Henglian Technology witnessed this grand occasion.


In his speech, Zhu Ruiqi conveyed the spirit of the higher-level leaders’ speech. He said that safety production management must be strictly strengthened, and safety and peak season service guarantee during the epidemic should be coordinated, especially the personal safety and stability of employees, the inspection of hidden dangers in outlets, and equipment In terms of hidden danger investigation and rectification, it is necessary to take targeted preventive measures, and to closely contact Henglian Technology, perform their own duties, and coordinate to prevent various security risks that may exist during the peak season.


Regarding the work during the peak season of Huayang outlets, Yu Wei said: Our employees have gone through several "Double Eleven" together, and have formed a relatively mature experience in the peak season service guarantee tasks. Huayang Yuantong people must show courage. With confidence, fight the tough battle of "no chaos in peak season". He emphasized that the automation of the express delivery industry is the general trend. This time, we have used the automatic sorting equipment of Henglian Technology. We must adjust our status and do our best to provide customers with service quality work so that customers can be assured of YTO. Yu Wei also made arrangements for organizational guarantee, transportation capacity guarantee, equipment operation and employee care.


Yang Yong said in his speech, congratulations on the management upgrade of Huayang Branch, thank Huayang Branch for its trust, and at the same time accepting the "supervision" of the provinces and regions, Henglian Technology will make every effort to protect the rights and interests of users and provide the best quality service. Regarding the stability maintenance work during the Double Eleven period, he stated that before mid-October, Henglian Technology's technicians had inspected the operation of equipment at all project sites. During the Double Eleven period, Henglian Technology will send a professional technical team stationed at the project site to ensure that the problem can be solved in the first time under emergency conditions, to help customers solve practical problems, and to assist customers in peak season service guarantee.


Under the auspices of the host, Yu Wei and others conducted a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

The selection of Henglian Technology's automated sorting equipment by Huayang Branch is not only a happy event for Huayang Branch, but also a good thing for Henglian Technology, and it is also a major event for Yuantong Sichuan Province. Brilliance is created together and successfully completed hand in hand. It is believed that Huayang Branch will continue to embark on new journeys and usher in new movements on this treasure land of Feng Shui.

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