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Escort "Double Eleven", Henglian is in action!



Just half an hour after midnight today, Tmall announced its first important battle report, with a 30-minute turnover of 372.3 billion, which exceeded the turnover of the whole day of 11.11 last year.

Behind the massive orders, for consumers, it is a carnival; for the express industry, it is a test. How to calmly deal with the business peak season and introduce automation equipment to improve efficiency is undoubtedly the best choice for the logistics express industry. Henglian Technology is a professional R&D and manufacturer of smart logistics equipment, and has always been committed to bringing high-quality logistics technology equipment and technical services to logistics automation and sorting automation.


In order to help customers win the "Double Eleven" battle, Heng Chain has been actively deploying service guarantees and preparations for the peak season of the entire network since mid-September. So how does Heng Chain actually do it? Let me check with the editor below. Right.

Technology improves efficiency, Henglian creates


Technology improves efficiency. Since the third quarter, in order to help customers who have just reached cooperation to actively cope with the logistics pressure and challenges of the peak season of "Double Eleven", Hengchain has scientifically planned, carefully deployed, increased horsepower, and worked quickly and hard, and gathered the human and material resources that can be gathered Finally, by the end of October, the installation and commissioning of more than a dozen sets of intelligent sorting equipment such as cross-belt sorters and constant chain sorters have been completed, ensuring the express delivery capacity of customers in the peak season of the "Double Eleven" business.

Service guarantee customs clearance, Hengchain is on top

"Combining with the escort experience of last year's Double Eleven and this year's June 18th, we have made more detailed arrangements and deployments for the escort work on Double Eleven," said Chen Chuizhi, technical director of Hengchain.


In order to ensure that customers can spend the peak sorting period of "Double Eleven" in an orderly and tense manner, in terms of equipment management, on the basis of regular inspections, Heng Chain also "expensively" arranges manpower and financial resources in mid-October. Previously, a comprehensive “physical examination” was conducted on all the automated sorting equipment installed on the entire network, and 17 potential safety hazards were discovered and dealt with in a timely manner, effectively ensuring the safe and stable operation of the equipment.

In terms of personnel management, Henglian first set up the "Double Eleven Escort" project team to deploy key personnel from the R&D department, electrical department and other departments to maximize the deployment of resources. The second is to dispatch more than 100 technicians to various project sites before double eleven according to the specific conditions of the sorting peak hours at various outlets, and concentrate their efforts to escort express delivery services during peak seasons. It is worth mentioning that the dispatched more than 100 technicians have completed system training and test assessment to ensure that they can rush to the critical moment and solve problems in a timely manner.


"Each of our projects has a special after-sales service WeChat group. When encountering unexpected problems, our on-site personnel will solve the problem in a timely manner and feedback related problems to the WeChat group to facilitate technical exchanges and experience sharing..." Chen Chuizhi talked freely about the escort arrangements.
Safety assists production, Henglian builds

"Everyone keeps the checkpoint outlets Anheng chain escorted as stable as a mountain" "Hengchain technology equipment is powerful and service outlets escorts the peak season" "Your entrustment, my responsibility, Double Eleven, Heng chain walks with you hand in hand!" ... Since November, Heng chain LianTech has successively hung slogans and banners in eye-catching positions of sorting workshops in various project sites, actively creating a safe production atmosphere for winning the "Double Eleven" battle.


The banners are like "silent teachers". Through subtle and subtle ways, they always remind the staff to be responsible for management and safe production. Henglian will also carry the important "banner" of "serving customers" and stand with customers. Together, we will work together to win the battle for this peak season service.


All to meet the needs of customers, this is not only the service tenet of Henglian people, but also the work principle practiced by every Henglian people. This year's "Double Eleven", Henglian people go all out to escort you!


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