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Industry development, evolution and trend of automated sorting equipment


The rise of e-commerce has led to the rapid expansion of the entire express industry. However, in the distribution and handling operations, the handling cost of sorting operations accounts for 90%, and the sorting time accounts for 30-40% of the distribution operation time. Various evaluation indicators are increasing. The more stringent, coupled with the rising labor costs, the demand for automatic sorting equipment has also exploded. Of course, it also has a certain impact on traditional automatic sorting operations, and the demand for more efficient and higher-quality sorting operations More and more urgent.

Let's first understand the industry development, evolution and trend of automated sorting equipment with Henglian Technology.

The key link of express sorting is information identification and sorting execution. The degree of automatic sorting has mainly experienced three stages: manual sorting, semi-automatic mechanical sorting, and automatic sorting (manual packaging).


Manual sorting

The first stage is manual sorting, which is the most primitive sorting method and the sorting method still widely used today: the sorter visually "scans" the face sheet information and uses a marker to write the number on the package. Sequence sorting workers need to record a large number of area numbers, according to the number, first make a rough classification judgment according to the destination of the package, and then subdivide the package in a specific sorting area that has been roughly divided according to the number, and finally realize the physical displacement of the package;


Semi-automatic mechanical sorting

With the increase in business volume and labor intensity, conveyors are gradually used to assist the conveying of items to reduce labor intensity, but human eye identification and manual sorting are still required throughout the process. This is the second stage of express sorting experience : Semi-automatic mechanical sorting. This sorting method is generally in the form of conveyor belt assistance and manual bag picking. The sorting worker at the work station observes the handwritten area number of the package on the conveyor belt, and picks the packages in the corresponding area from the belt line to the sorting purpose.


Automated sorting

The third stage is automated sorting, that is, through manual loading, the camera visually recognizes the weight and bar code information of the shipment, and transmits the package to the corresponding grid through the control system. The processing flow mainly includes package unloading, belt conveying, and single piece separation , Information recognition, intelligent transmission, automatic package collection, package loading and other links. According to the layout, automatic sorting can be divided into linear, matrix and circular automatic sorting systems. Among them, the circular cross belt sorter adopts traditional mechanical design, because it has the highest sorting efficiency when the order quantity is large enough. , Express and logistics customers are favored and have become the mainstream of automated sorting equipment in recent years.

At present, there are already a number of professional manufacturers of automatic sorting equipment in China. For example, Henglian Technology has a deep technical background and an efficient independent research and development team, which enables automatic sorting equipment to be gradually used in all links of production, sales and consumption. Improved and developed, making express sorting easier.

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