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The world’s exclusive wave sorter will be unveiled at the Canton Fair


Source: LET Guangzhou Logistics Exhibition WeChat public account


The author was informed that at the upcoming exhibition from August 27 to August 29, Zhejiang Henglian Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Henglian Technology") wave sorter will be unveiled. It is understood that this wave sorter is an automated sorting equipment independently developed by Henglian Technology, which will bring a new sorting experience.

In terms of product design, the wave sorter breaks through the limitations of traditional linear sorting equipment, such as difficult disassembly and assembly, complex structure, and low trolley utilization. It has been continuously optimized in product detail design and performance, and combined with the latest information technology. , Internet of Things technology makes products more intelligent, efficient and accurate. In terms of product structure, the wave sorter changes the opening and closing methods of the parcel sorting direction and the sorting line direction, so that the sorting direction and running direction of the machine basically coincide, which greatly improves the overall sorting efficiency; not only that, This product also adopts a linear and modular design, which makes the disassembly, assembly and maintenance of the machine more convenient, while reducing production costs and shortening the delivery cycle; the grid can also be flexibly matched with conveyor belts to connect to other sorting systems, greatly It is convenient for customers to add sorting lines at any time. In terms of system software, the wave sorter breaks through the traditional loading method, and improves the overall sorting efficiency by adopting dynamic code scanning and loading grid technology.


It is worth mentioning that, compared with the traditional automatic sorting equipment, the performance of the wave sorter and the constant chain sorter (the independent research and development product of Henglian Technology) can also be used in the installation to realize free choice and free combination. Way, increase the length and width of the machine, so that the machine can reach a sorting volume of thousands to tens of thousands per hour. Because of its sorting advantages such as high efficiency, intelligence, convenience and flexibility, the market prospects will be broader.

It is reported that Henglian Technology is a smart logistics sorting equipment research and development manufacturer integrating program design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning, pre-sales and after-sales. The wave sorter to be unveiled this time is another set of intelligent sorting equipment launched by the company after the constant chain sorter launched in 2019.

Wave sorter

Well, let us review the main performance of the device:

Sorting efficiency: adopts dynamic code scanning technology to scan and go with high efficiency of sorting;

Reduce costs and increase efficiency: Effectively reduce labor and meet the diverse needs of customers;

Convenient operation: The system is simple and convenient to operate, "Grandpa and Auntie" can also use it;

Fast maintenance: modular design, 5 minutes disassembly and quick maintenance;

Flexible configuration: It can be connected to any other sorting system, and the sorting line can be extended at any time.

After reading the above introduction, I believe everyone has an understanding of the equipment performance of the Henglian Technology Wave Sorter.

For more details, please contact the service hotline: 400-837-0019

Henglian Technology makes express sorting easier.



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