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Zhejiang Heng-chain Technology Co., Ltd. ("Heng-chain Technology" for short) is a smart logistics equipment manufacturer integrating program design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning, pre-sales and after-sales. Henglian Technology attaches great importance to R&D and innovation, has obtained more than 30 invention patents and copyrights, and was selected as the "Zhejiang Industry Innovation and Excellence Demonstration Unit". The sorting process of the logistics system developed and manufactured is more reasonable, and the product quality is more reliable. It is the leader among similar products in terms of efficiency and stability. It has been purchased by many express outlets such as Zhongtong, YTO, Yunda, Shentong, Best, and Post. Over 100 sets of automated sorting projects have been completed. In July of this year, with excellent product quality, high-quality service and good market reputation, it was awarded the honorary title of "Excellent Unit of Respect for Quality and Integrity" issued by the government.

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